Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update on legs, leg pieces

While I was back home, my father finished the cylinder pieces we had started and applied a second set of wood strips to the legs.

We soaked thin strips of wood in water for several hours and used them to round the top of each shoulder. To get the groove called for in the R2 Builders Group official plans (and visible in any photo of R2 from the movies), we used two strips of wood for each shoulder. The result is a smooth surface that compensates for some imperfect sanding. The strips also fill out the legs a bit more (we rounded them a bit below the proper measurement).

The foot drive mechanisms will be a big challenge. The easiest thing to do would be to buy the A&A models, which look like great designs, but I'm going to see if we can make our own out of wood and the scooter parts that seem to have worked so well for other builders.

I also have been gathering paint for tests of the Krider Blue method. Black Gold still sells the R2 mix for "hypothetical blue," and I might use that paint instead.

Pieces for the holoprojector movement mechanism arrived recently (A&A made, but designed by a different clever group member). I hope to have some photos ready for posting soon. Here is the creator's Youtube video showing how it works: