Saturday, July 28, 2012

The dome moves!

This is the dome motor running at 6 volts. The motor is a Pittman 93xx series. It is attached with a homemade aluminum plate. The plate has two holes for the motor mounting screws -- 10-32 screws -- and three oversized holes for similar screws to attach to the frame. Washers keep the frame screws in place, while the oversized holes allow for adjustments. Lock-Tite keeps the screws from vibrating. The gear and gearset are A&A. The bearing is a Rockler Lazy Susan bearing with six of the eight outer holes drilled and tapped for 5/16-inch machine bolts. The attachment points are all around the frame except for the front and front left, where there are no attachment points possible because of the space left for the Large Data Port.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Installing skin snaps

This is from Monday. I drilled and secured the receivers for Daren Murrer's skin snaps kit.